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Discover the possibilities of the industrial В2В marketplace e-matreshka!

Suppliers of all product categories from all over the world do their daily work to maintain their offers in real time on the resource.

Delivery times and prices are available 24/7
What is possible in the System:

- to carry out a pre-tender for the necessary position without any communication, by visiting only the site (evaluate the price of the position, rating of the supplier, delivery time)
- to launch a tender among suppliers from all over the world for any position you search (send online request to the operator - Resource manager)
- to receive a commercial offer with the best prices and delivery time, as well as to look at the quotes of the results of suppliers' work with the task
- to clarify whether analogues of the necessary position are available, as well as how much time the suppliers have to process the request
- to place an order on the Resource, to pay it, to track it and to receive it