Repair with E-Matreshka:

- An average time of repair - 3 weeks

- An average cost of repair is - 500 EUR (or about 30% of the cost of a new device)

- You can find below some Examples of repair of the most popular items of electronic components

The repairing process with E-Matreshka:

It is very simple!

1. You describe the malfunction of electronic component in the repair request

2. Within 1-2 days we give you a preliminary information about the possibility of repair in Europe

3. You send the equipment to our office in Moscow

4. We provide you with the Diagnostics document

5. You pay a deposit for sending the equipment (the average cost of sending to Germany and return shipping of the device with a declared value up to 1000 EUR is not more than 200 EUR)   

6. We ship the equipment to our Qualified European Service Partner , with the successful experience of over 1,000,000 industrial electronics repairs

7. The service company carries out diagnostics and announces the possibility of repair, its cost and terms

8. You agree on the repair and pay only if the Service company has confirmed the possibility of repair

9. We guarantee the result or return the money!

You pay ONLY for a SUCCESSFUL repair and pay nothing for diagnostics!

Confirmation of the possibility of repair at the stage No. 2 of work with your application,

when you just described the fault in details,

on 90% guarantee a positive result.

Otherwise, you will pay only the shipping and return shipping costs.

Average repair period - 3 weeks


10. A service company sends the refurbished component back to Russia




11. We send the component to you together with the Service Act!


Repair with E-Matreshka

Examples of repairs:

Component Photo   Price of the new one      Repair price   Repair warranty   Repair experience      Saving       Offer  on 

Panel Siemens 


 Photo1   Price of refurbished
panel from the supplier warehouse
3500 EUR

New ones are not produced more. 


1550 EUR

  2 years   More than 700 repairs!   55%                                       Follow


Panel Simatic OP7/DP, 6AV3607 1JC20 0AX1 Siemens

 Photo2   1200 EUR   370 EUR   2 years   More than 2000 repairs!

  70%   Follow


Module 6SN1123-1AB00-0BA2 Siemens

 Photo3      1850 EUR   470 EUR   2 years   More than 1200 repairs!

  75%   Follow


Drive control MC-4/11/10/400 – ELAU (Schneider)

 Photo4   2800 EUR   720 EUR   2 years   More than 500 repairs!